Friday, March 20, 2009

Tamara - Chicken salad

funny story... so in the bag there was 2 little cups of what i thought was "dressing" and so i put them BOTH all over the salad. and im eating it and im like WTF this is some HOT shit!! and i cant feel my lips but im like just motoring though it. Then the dude that orders this salad comes in and i say "WTF this salad is spicy as SHIT" and he goes "NU UH!" and i said "yea i put al the dressing on and had no idea it was this spicy!" and he said "that salad comes with dressing on it already. what you put on your salad were two cups of jalapeno sauce! they come standard with the delivery on the side". i painfully finished the salad anyways.

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